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One day, someone decided to add a customer comment section to a website, and "Presto!", blog-sites were bourn. This allowed the interaction of customer comments. With a great customer reputation, this can be extreamely powerful.

In Real estate, it is about location, location, location. In Internet Marketing, it is about reputation, reputation, reputation.

Different types of bloggers...

  • The Shopping Blogger
    • Several different types and techniques
    • A shopping website with a blog-site inside for shoppers to comment on items bought
    • Shop, buy and blog about bought items and the company that is selling
    • The mystery shopper blogger
    • Largely helps both, the merchants and customers
  • The Article Blogger
    • Creates articles of public interest
    • Answers blog comments
    • Mainly works from home
  • The Company Blogger
    • Used to help with customer questions
    • Mainly used to promote a company's reputation

  • The Vacation Blogger
    • While vacationing, the vacation blogger writes a blog about the spot the they are vacationing in
    • If full time always traveling; usually with a companion and a dog
    • A great way to invest your work vaction
  • The Social-Media Blogger
    • Websites with a comment section such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
    • Anyone can read a post about anything and reply back with a comment
    • Highly monitored for SPAM, scammers and hackers

Blogging ideas to write about...

  • Animals/Pets
  • Babies/Parenting
  • Discoveries
  • Lifestyles
  • Corporates
  • Countries, Cities, Continents
  • Cultures

  • Inventions
  • Military
  • Movies / TV Shows
  • Music
  • Neighborhoods
  • New Cell phones
  • Opposite Sex
  • Pets
  • Current Events/News
  • Fancy Cars/Bikes/Trucks
  • Fashions
  • Fitness/Sports
  • Guns/Pistols
  • Gaming Tricks
  • History/Future
  • Internets
    (Yes! More than one)
  • Politics
  • Sciences
  • Space/Black Holes
  • Technologies
  • Trees/Plants
  • Vacation Spots
  • Work
  • Your Boss
    (Don't get caught)

Bloggers blog about interests that the public would like to comment on. When it comes to searching for items with a keyword, blog-sites are indexed higher than websites if maintained properly.

Designs starting at $99.99

    What's included?

  • A blog-site template of your choice
  • Until we go live with your new blog-site, pictures and wording added per template design at no extra charge
  • Contact us page included; contact form applications not included
  • Technical writing not included; all pictures, videos, wording and writing comes from you

Monitoring and bundle prices coming soon...

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