Walterflash Internet Marketing

Great news! Walterflash Internet Maketing is lowering prices! Why? We have called, searched and now are partnering up with the strongest hosting companies for your internet marketing. This also includes your protection such as firewalls and SSL certificates without loosing any high performance with speed, integrity and efficiency.

We offer great prices on

  • Web Designs
  • Blog-sites
  • Online Selling

  • Hosting Packages
  • Picture/Video Enhancements
  • Custom Logos/Business Cards
  • The Web-designer vs. The Webmaster

    The Web-designer

    • Designs the website
    • Helps with your domain name
    • Helps with hosting (setting it up on the internet)
    • Sets up your firewall protection
    • Sets up your SSL certificate
    • Updates and modifies the website when needed
    • May help with some social media

    The Webmaster

    • Works strongly with Digital Marketing strategies
    • Signs you up for SEO indexing (Google, Bing, etc...)
    • Helps you with your social media business marketing
    • Creates internet adds linking back to your website
    • Website traffic monitoring
    • Uses special internet software tools for tracking purposes
    Walterflash Internet Marketing will soon not just be designing websites. We are also moving over to the digital marketing field. We have webmasters. If you are a new company interested in digital marketing, please call us hear.